The Art Of Communication

Chic’s workshops are titled “The Art of Communication – Connect, Communicate, Convince”. These highly interactive workshops use storytelling, music, and theater techniques to create a dynamic yet safe and supportive space where participants can strengthen their ability to communicate. 

Who can benefit from Chic’s workshops? Anyone who has a need to communicate; for example 

  • executives, managers, and team leaders or members who need to inform and/or persuade others 
  • performing artists interested in improving their stage presence and delivery through focused performance and coaching
  • marketing and public relations professionals who need to get their message out to various audiences 
  • non-profits, educational institutions, corporations and other organizations looking to enhance social interactions or simply to improve worker relations 

Participants will learn specific techniques to improve their presentation skills, such as how to 

  • reduce pre-delivery anxiety and jitters 
  • connect with an audience 
  • make each presentation come alive 
  • find their own voice or presentation style 

 Individual and group rates are available. Contact ᅠ for more information. 

“Freedom Of Expression” Workshop Video